Extra Moisturising Skin Repair Cream

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Extra Moisturising Skin Repair Cream addresses the "Basix" of skin health, accelerating the healing of conditions that are dry, scaly, flaky and uncomfortable

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Let nature moisturise your skin

The greatest skin moisturisers and hydrators are all natural oils and ingredients. Basix Extra Moisturiser is packed with both of them! Containing over 18 natural ingredients which are clinically proven to not only moisturize your skin but lock in the moisture, hydrating and soothing your skin for longer.

How Basix XM helps your skin

  1. Moisturises the skin - Through countless hours of research we sourced some wonderful natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to naturally moisturise the skin. Let ingredients like Macadamia oil, Calendula oil and shea butter be your natural moisturisers.
  2. Locks in moisture - Sick of moisturisers that only hydrate and soothe the skin for a short time? Basix Extra moisturiser contains Olive Leaf extract and Ginger which help absorb and lock in the moisture for all day comfort.
  3. Doesn't clog pores - Basix Extra Moisturiser is lightweight and non-greasy, making it suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. Basix Extra Moisturiser absorbs quickly in the skin without clogging the pores.
  4. Soothe and calm - Many skin conditions cause discomfort such as burning, itching and stinging. We once again harnessed the power of nature and use Aloe Vera which is clinically proven to soothe and calm the skin, bringing comfort into your life.
  5. Contains key vitamins, amino acids and minerals - Natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum contains very key minerals, vitamins and amino acids essential to healthy skin which are usually lacking due to bad diets.

Let nature moisturise your skin

Basix Extra Moisturiser is a complex formulation comprising over 18 wonderful natural ingredients. From the moisturising properties of Macadamia oil to the soothing prowess of Aloe Vera, all natural ingredients working together to address the “Basix” of dry, ashy and uncomfortable skin.


  • Dry, rough skin rashes

  • Ashy and scaly areas of the skin

  • Dry areas of the face, our Basix XM is being used daily as a wonderful night cream

  • We have incredible results using Basix XM for nappy rashes due to its barrier protection properties

  • Great moisturiser not only for you but your kids and babies as Basix XM is primarily natural and very gentle

  • Do you suffer from dry, painful hands and skin during Winter? Basix XM will be your lifesaver this Winter

  • And a whole lot more... even skin conditions we couldn't identify

Can you use Basix Extra Moisturiser?

Yes, Basix Extra Moisturiser is suitable for all skin types, and all ages. Even your little ones can apply Basix daily!


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Great product - but why the huge price increase?

Fantastic product, but what with the huge price increase? Just when you find something that works!!. I bought Extra Moisturizing skin repair for R62.99 in Sept 2023 and now it is R99. more than 36% increase Almost R40 increase?
And for the skin repair jumbo I paid R149 now its R189?
10% price increase is understandable and acceptable, but this is way more? What a pity. :(

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it has work magic on a rash that i get on my arm from my sports watch. its the only thing that has worked . the healing processed was visible in just 2 days.

very happy with Basix products, happy i have found a product that is not to oily and works on my very sensitive skin.

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A gift from heaven

My dad got a bad scrape on his hand from a grinder brush, that eventually turned into an itchy dry stubborn eczema that just didn't want to heal. He tried Basix XM and within a week everything was completely healed!

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Was trying your cream, and fortunately done a good job within few days, all thanks to your product guys

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