Basix + Kigelia Africana, Basix XM + Macadamia Oil and Eczema

Basix + Kigelia Africana, Basix XM + Macadamia Oil and Eczema

Basix Skin Repair Cream and Eczema

If you are uncertain as to what eczema is please refer to our article on the subject soon to follow.

Now there are several things about Basix Skin Repair cream that can help you to get the condition under control. Also keeping the condition that way can be a challenge.

Improvement of circulation

When we say that circulation helps eczema people usually frown at us. The simple truth is that once we see eczema as a wound and improvement of circulation as an analogy to building a highway to your construction site the truth becomes apparent. Better circulation helps get more nutrients and building blocks to the building site. Also improving endocrine (control hormones) communication due to a stronger link to the bloodstream. In fact any wound benefits from better circulation. Once the basic eczema wound is under control the skin will still have purple marks where the eczema was. If the circulation is improved the colour of the wound also becomes better and more natural. The mechanism is a simple vasor dilation. Relaxing the muscle around the small blood vessels makes them grow bigger due to the pressure from within. The same thing happens when people blush. Do this enough times and some improvement becomes permanent. This is a slow process. Every time you apply Basix Skin Repair Cream the flow of blood is thus improved to the site of application.

A second benefit of this circulation improvement is that it also helps remove waste and toxins faster from cells. All-round cells function with more ease due to better access to blood, its components, support system and transport environment.


I have included two photos to prove to you how dramatically Basix Skin Repair Cream can improve scaring due to drainage improvement (circulation). Now bear in mind this is not eczema but rater a gas burn but the point is demonstrated beautifully.

Circulation 01

This took a good month of hard work but......

Circulation 2

Anti Inflammatory properties

Inflammation is something that is synonymous with eczema psoriasis and many other skin conditions. Steroid creams help against inflammation. The mechanism is quite complex however. Also the long term usage is extremely detrimental to the user. In many cases they can however be life savers. If your eczema is in the raging fit stage your corticosteroid cream could fail to stop the spreading of the eczema (well it did for me and my own eczema) I found Basix-XM to be more efficient to stop the spreading than any topical steroid I could get prescribed. Here I apply liberally to the wound and to a gauze cover the wound and use a light bandage over this. Later as the cream has been absorbed and the gauze feels uncomfortable it is time to wash and re-apply to get peace again. The itching dissipates and the anti-inflammatory properties of Basix will help stop spreading of the eczema.

Some of our patients have been allergic to many of the commercial anti-inflammatory agents available on the market. Because Basix Skin Repair Cream and Basix –XM both have quite a number of anti-inflammatory components this could spell trouble. However due to the natural origin, the diluted inclusion, and diverse mechanisms used the same alarm bells are normally not tripped by such allergic individuals using Basix, and they are then fine to use it. It is always important to check ones reaction to various substances due to ones tendency for eczema. Test, always test to see if this new product, soap, food etc will fuel your eczema or not. Keep a log and keep it up to date this helps to identify patterns in eczema behaviour and substances that could trigger it.

It is definitely so that once your eczema has gone over to a less furious state you have a chance to start to control it. It will clear from the centre outwards. This healing pattern can be seen in this elephantine psoriasis on Ms van Zyls knee. Eczema does the same in most cases.

Circulation 3

Soothing and calming

Eczema can be jolly uncomfortable, itchy painful and constant reminder boasting discomfort. Basix Skin Repair Cream and Basix-XM have some excellent soothing properties. Added to the soothing properties we have also added some components that provide a local anaesthetic effect. Many burn victims find that the first night they use Basix Skin Repair Cream and Basix-XM is the first night they got some sleep. I knew exactly when to replace the gauze with Basix-XM as the comfort level dissipated when the components had been used up. Some people use Basix only for the comfort it provides their eczema or itching and hurting condition.


The soothing and calming properties as well as the local anaesthetic effect of both Basix Skin Repair Cream and Basix –XM help relieve discomfort not only itch. Many types of eczema especially the drier varieties of eczema will respond better to Basix-XM than to normal Basix Skin Repair Cream. The reason is the extra moisturisation components help keep the wound softer and better shielded from outside air than the standard Basix does. The standard Basix Skin Repair Cream is better for normal wounds as well as for some wetter forms of Eczema. Please try both to decide which works better for you.

Softening of the skin

Some forms of eczema can become very dry and cracked if subjected to open air. If however you keep such forms of eczema covered and well moisturised then they are vastly more comfortable. Basix and Basix-XM have exceptional moisturising properties and Basix-XM has also got strong Moisture retention capability. Sometimes I got fed up with the blisters and popped them in droves just because they kept coming up especially in the super annoyed phase in the beginning. If this was wise, I strongly suspect not. I actually believe it increased the discomfort level.

Control of pathogens

Basix Skin Repair Cream and Basix –XM have some strong anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. Sadly during a normal outbreak these are more insurance policies rather than actual solders in that war. If you have eczema for a while and it lingers however the critters especially Staph can be a real problem. Basix has delivered some real wow results to some of my users who were stuck between eczema and secondary bacterial infection. Even antibiotics have an issue normally to get all the staph out as circulation gets impaired due to corticosteroids. (O I didn’t mention that corticosteroids actually constrict blood vessels and aims to reduce circulation) Now as mentioned Basix Skin Repair Cream does the oposite and bumps up circulation. So if you have bacteria or a fear of bacteria or a fungus inside your eczema use Basix it helps to control and prevent the most common critters effectively.



Controversial subject this one. Does it help to add amino acids and select secondary metabolites and minerals to help speed up wound recovery. We have seen this many times with individuals who have a poor diet. We have added some components frequently lacking in the healing process into the cream. Thus helping to ensure continued healing.  This addition is in extremely small amounts and does not impact on stability of the product but definitely helps to ensure that healing can go on.

Other Products

The use of Basix SRC and Basix -XM does not have to be done in isolation. If Coal Tar helps in your bath water, great use it as well. Basix can not do any harm to your skin unless you are allergic to it. There are 3 allergies that we have encountered.

Allergy against Soya and derivatives

Glycine an amino acid (protein building block) is included in both Basix SRC and Basix -XM it is derived from Soya oil and some traces of Soya are definitely present. If you are allergic to Soya don’t use either product.

Allergy against Citrus

Some of the volatile oils in Basix SRC and Basix-XM can trigger citrus allergy.


Allergy against olive and derivatives

Basix SRC and Basix -XM both contain olive butter and olive leaf extract. Both are great components but not if you are allergic to them. We have found that roughly one in 5000 people are allergic to Basix SRC or Basix -XM due to one of these 3 inherent allergies. Please test Basix SRC and Basix-XM on the inside of the upper arm to ensure you are not allergic to anything inside the products.


In this short article I have aimed to tell you a bit more about how Basix Skin Repair Cream and Basix -XM can help you in your fight against eczema.  Please let us know if it has helped your understanding and if it has been worth your time to read. Also kindly give us your comments hints and experiences so that we can all learn from each other.

Kind regards

William Brown

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